TWENTY/20 2013

Rules may be found HERE

Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Semis & Final
to be played by to be played by to be played by to be played by  to be played at Beckenham C.C. on
24 May 14 June 28 June 12 July 21 July
    Bickley Park      
Orpington } Catford Wanderers Catford Wanderers    
Catford Wanderers toss of coin by 23 runs    
Hayes } Hayes      
ODCUACO by 6 wickets Hayes Catford Wanderers  
    Sevenoaks Vine by 1 wicket    
  bye     Catford Wanderers
HSBC } HSBC     by 3 runs
Old Wilsonians by 58 runs      
    Bromley Bromley Bromley  
  bye by 23 runs by 6 wickets  
  bye Bexley    
Old Colfeians } Old Colfeians by 81 runs    
Bromley Town Bromley Town conceded      
Chislehust & West Kent } Downham & Bellingham Beckenham    
Downham & Bellingham w/o w/o    
Old Elthamians } Old Elthamians      
Catford & Cyphers by 2 runs Sidcup Beckenham  
Bexleyheath } Sidcup by 8 wickets by 1 run  
Sidcup       Blackheath
Bromley Common } Linden Park     by 6 wickets
Linden Park Toss of coin      
    Blackheath Blackheath Blackheath  
  bye by 46 runs by 65 runs  
    Tunbridge Wells      
  bye Tunbridge Wells    
Holmesdale } Holmesdale by 47 runs    
Cowdrey by 5 wickets      
Leeds & Broomfield } Offham      
Offham by 7 wickets      
    The Mote Offham    
  bye by 7 wickets    
  bye Hartley Hartley  
Addington } Addington by 6 wickets by 84 runs  
Gravesend RFCC       Hartley
Macknade } Macknade     by 83 runs
Ashford w/o   Frindsbury  
Frindsbury } Frindsbury Frindsbury w/o  
High Halstow   by 43 runs    
Gravesend } Gravesend      
Datrford by 4 wickets Harvel    
Upchurch } Upchurch Lordswood    
Minster by 27 runs by 9 wickets    
Rodmersham } Gore Court      
Gore Court w/o Gore Court Lordswood  
    St Lawrence by 21 runs by 5 wickets  
  bye     Lordswood
Westgate-on Sea } Westgate-on Sea     w/o
Broadstairs toss of coin Westgate-on Sea    
Folkestone } Folkestone by 7 wickets Sibton Park  
Hythe w/o   by 7 wickets  
    Sibton Park      
  bye Sibton Park    
Sandwich } Sandwich by 7 wickets    
Betteshanger CW by 133 runs