The Shepherd Neame Kent Cricket League 2015

Please note item highlighted in red below if you wish to add/update scores.

We are delighted to announce the launch of a free new live score/live scoring app for Androids and Iphones. We believe this to be amongst the first of such App's in the UK.

Link for App in Googlestore HERE

Link for App in Applestore HERE

Those with the App will be able to view live scores of all SNKCL 1st XI matches in 2015 and those at a match will be able to simply update the scores at the game they are viewing if they follow details below.

Here is a short preview. 

On opening the App, after a brief welcome page, you will see similar to

depending on fixtures for that date.

The scores will hopefully be updated by a player, scorer or spectator at one of the matches with the App. Please see below.

To update a score you need to register. This is simple. From the dropdown list produced by tapping the three horizontal stripes at top right select 'update score'.

You will be asked to register with a valid email address. You will then receive an activation link by email. You must click on link in email to acitvate and then log in on app and you will then be able to tap on a match and see

Just tap on the white boxes to update the score and overs then scroll to the bottom and press 'update score' That is it! For this to work well, we need a good participation from as many members of SNKCL Clubs as possible, so please help to market the App as widely as possible.