Player Registration


1. Log in to your Play Cricket site and go to 'admin' and then member database.

2. Select Member of Website role from drop down menu at the top and press 'search'. You will then be given the choice of 'adding new member with this role'. You will then get options you need to follow on Play-Cricket. Please follow these fully and carefully (see 4 and 5 below.)

All UK players should have United Kingdom as their country of birth. Overseas players you need to add their country of birth and their date of entry to the UK or you will be unable to register them.

3. Step 2 sends an application to the League for approval.

4. Clubs must establish when a player joining their club if he has played for another Club anywhere. If so enter these details on Play-Cricket when you try to add him/her to your site and you will be offered alternatives. This will then notify the Club from where he is coming who will get a message in their admin section of Play-Cricket. They must then check if that player has any debts, welfare or disciplinary history and should then approve, when the League will be notified and approval granted.

5. Player Transfers within Kent Cricket League, as in 4 above. Only permitted until 30th May. Please note that after 20 April, any player previously registered in the previous season with another KL Club will be deemed to be your one permitted inward transfer.

PLEASE NOTE we are no longer permitted by Play-Cricket to transfer players ourselves within the League.

6. ZERO TOLERANCE - you will be unable to select a player to play for your side who is not registered. Zero tolerance still applies - all players MUST be registered with the League BEFORE they play a match or the match will be forfeited against you.