Creating Administrators and approving members

Accepting Online Members and Creating New Web Site Administrators

To accept new online club members and create a new web site administrator please follow the following steps - NOTE : All members you wish to make administrators MUST first register with Play Cricket and apply to join your club by adding club in their profile and applying.

1. You need to log on and go to the administration area of your web site

2. On the Admin Homepage you will see people who have applied to join (i.e. they have signed up with Play-Cricket).

3. To accept a member click on name and then the match button next to their name. This compares them existing names in your database. If there is an existing name that is the exact same person click on ‘match’ and you will avoid duplication in your member database. If they do not already exist in your database click on ‘grant membership without matching’

4. Once a person is an online member of your club you can make them an administrator of your club web site. Edit their roles by clicking on 'black planet' sign next to their name.

Please note that if you grant an online member administration rights they will have full access to change all the information on your Play-Cricket system so they must be responsible members of your club.