Registering Juniors


You should be aware that an apparent anomaly on Play-Cricket registration procedures has now been corrected.

In the past many young players (some possibly born outside the UK) have been registered at junior level on Play-Cricket as Category 1 players, born in UK, as at junior level as Player Category and Country of Birth and are not relevant. However, if such a young player then plays in the Kent Cricket League, he/she could be deemed incorrectly registered, for at adult level, Player Category, Country of Birth, and Date of Entry to the UK are required.

By virtue of the length of time that most have already been playing cricket or their period of residency in the UK, most registered young players will automatically become Category 1 in the Kent Cricket League when they reach adult level, irrespective of their Country of Birth.

However Play-Cricket will now accept registration of a Category 1, player born outside the UK. To save confusion in the future, it is recommended that when a young player is registered for a junior league, you enter Category 1 and, if known, their Country of Birth and Date of Entry to the UK. This will help to validate data at a later time.

If, at a later date, you wish to register such a player for the Kent League, you should notify the League of his Country of Birth and Date of Entry to the UK so we can amend his/her player details.

If you are registering a younger player who was born outside the UK for the Kent Cricket League at the same time as for a Junior League, correct data should be collected from that player at the time and correctly entered on Play Cricket i.e. Country of Birth and Date of Entry to UK and they should be registered as Category 3 players and an application made to the League for exemption. In most cases this will be granted if the child is living and being educated in UK. This will not affect their ability to play in Age Group teams.

NOTE: No player born overseas over 18 should be registered as Category 1 unless their have been resident in the UK for seven years and their correct Date of Entry to the UK is added at time of registration.