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PLEASE NOTE: There have been a few changes due to the resignation of Blackheath 3rd XI from Division 5, 1st XI (with Chislehurst & WK no longer relegated) which mainly affect Division 5, 1st XI and Division 4, 2nd XI.

Division 5, 1st XI further changes 30/11/2017

Division 2, 2nd XI small change 5/12/17

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Division 1, 1st XI
Division 2, 1st XI
Division 3, 1st XI
Division 4, 1st XI
Division 5, 1st XI
Premier 2nd XI
Division 1, 2nd XI
Division 2, 2nd XI
Division 3, 2nd XI
Division 4, 2nd XI
Division 5, 2nd XI